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PC Gamer UK August issue: Destiny 2


And so passes E3 for yet another year, bringing our usual dose of bright lights, loud music and perfunctory publisher conferences to a welcomed halt. Destiny 2 was one of the LA show's biggest stars, which is why we've made the online-only multiplayer FPS this month's cover star. Read Tom's thoughts on why you should be excited about the game and its inimitable sci-fi guns. Elsewhere inside, our resident MMO expert Steven Messner tours the genre’s most important moments, while Chris Thursten offers his verdict on the diverse factions and striking menus of Amplitude's Endless Space 2.

Montana native James Davenport combs over Far Cry 5, and we chat to the man/cyber pirate who hunts EVE Online’s biggest, most expensive ships for fun. Previews this month include Middle-earth: Shadow of War, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, Forza Motorsport 7, and much more. And if all of that isn't enough for you, this month's issue comes with a free game AND a

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