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Pitch and roll with this new Ace Combat 7 campaign footage


"I'm curious to know, does the colour of the sky matter to you? " asked Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown's E3 trailer. As you might expect, I like it best when it's blue because when it's green it normally means I'm hurtling towards the ground at a rate of knots before—Crash.

14 Minutes of Ace Combat 7 Gameplay With Exclusive Developer Commentary - E3 2017

This is normally how my own cloudbound ventures into combat flight sims end, however if you're more adept in the cockpit I'll bet the latest Ace Combat 7 campaign footage floats your skyboat. As posted by the folks at IGN, here's 14 minutes of it, alongside some informative developer commentary from series director Kazutoki Kono:

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