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Preordering Call of Duty: WWII instantly unlocks the multiplayer weapon of your choice


Activision's last-good-war FPS Call of Duty: WWII will arrive in a couple of months, and as is the way of things those of you who pony up in advance will enjoy a few extras when it gets here. This round of preorder bonuses is actually kind of interesting, because it includes a permanent unlock for the multiplayer weapon of your choice, right from the get-go. What that means, basically, is that instead of the piece of crap popgun you usually get stuck with at the start of a new shooter, you can head straight to the MG42, or the Panzerschreck, or maybe a Sten or a Thompson.

Official Call of Duty®: WWII - Multiplayer Upgrade Trailer

(I didn't actually see the Tommy Gun in the trailer, but surely it's in the game somewhere. ) A classic Colt, or a double-barreled shotgun? Hey, if that's your thing.

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