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Prey is 'absolutely' getting DLC, 'impossible' to see all alien powers in one playthrough


Arkane and Bethesda's incoming Prey has recently demonstrated the multitude of weapons and powers players will get to grips with on the Talos-1 space station, however it seems post-release DLC is a given despite its core variety. Speaking to AListDaily at a New York demo event, creative director Raphael Colantonio revealed that while he and his team "don't have any plans to announce yet", they are working on a variety of things at present, including updates. "It’s impossible to see all the alien powers in one playthrough," says Colantonio of the base game's diversity. "So, you would have to play again and get different powers.

Prey - A Guided Tour of Talos I

Also, at some point, the story branches and you have choose between doing one thing or another thing. They’re mutually exclusive, so you can’t do both. "So, replaying is a way to see what happens if you make a different choice. There are also a few other mutually exclusive quests that h

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