Prey is more than just System Shock 3

Zack Furniss

When Bethesda announced Prey during last year's E3, those who had been following the troubled development of the series were confused. Some history: the first game was about Tommy Tawodi, a Cherokee mechanic who was abducted by aliens and had to fight his way out of a massive spaceship called the Sphere. The Prey 2 that was being developed back in 2008 was about a futuristic bounty hunter living in a post-Sphere world. This new game with the same name showed a man waking up, suiting up, and repeating the same day over and over again à la Groundhog Day. Watching the reveal, I wondered if there were any connections to previous games or this was a soft reboot.

From the hour I played last week, it turns out that even calling it a reboot is generous. While it's beyond bizarre that this name is being recycled -- I was all-but-told that Arkane Studios had been developing a new sci-fi game and the Prey name came later because "it's such a good name" -- after playing it, I wouldn't have it any other way. Note that the video below and my preview are filled with some large spoilers, so if the idea of System Shock 3 with modern controls, alien powers, and inventive ways to circumvent obstacles is enough to sell you, close this now. Read more…

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