Prey launching in early May, watch the new trailer

Samit Sarkar

Details on story, powers, enemies and more Prey, Arkane Studios’ reboot of the first-person shooter series, will be released May 5 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, publisher Bethesda Softworks announced today. Bethesda also released the second gameplay trailer for Prey today, showing off more of the space station Talos I and the story in the game. We learn that Morgan Yu, the protagonist of Prey — who can be male or female, depending on the player’s choice — is the vice president and director of research for the TranStar Corporation.

It appears that Yu has been studying alien life forms known as Typhon onboard Talos I and doing research into “neuromods. ” These mods, which are based on the Typhon creatures, confer alien powers to humans … by being injected into an eye socket. This action takes place indoors, but Bethesda says that the entire space station is open for exploration, including zero-gravity sections in space outside.

Talos I itself evokes the BioShock series with its art deco-inspired lobby, but there’s also the kind of futuristic laboratory white rooms you’d expect in a place like this. For more on Prey, which Bethesda unveiled at E3 2016, check out the new screenshots below. Bethesda announced today that pre-order customers will receive a bundle of in-game items called the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack.

It contains the Margrave Shotgun, three neuromods, two medkits, starter fabrication materials and a recycler shielding chipset.

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