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Prey review


I need to get into this office. That's not entirely true. I want to get into this office, and Prey has taught me that where there's a will, there's a way. The door is unhackable, and its keycard could theoretically be anywhere on the Talos-I space station. It's time to get creative. The windows into the office are breakable, but the gap is too small for me to squeeze through. Also, my standard trick of using the Mimic power to turn into a smaller object won't work.

There's no window ledge to perch on, and mugs, understandably, cannot jump very high. There is, however, a computer terminal in view of the window. I've got an idea. I leave and head for a fabrication station, and spend some of my resources to create a toy crossbow and a pack of foam darts. It's a joke weapon, but, in the right circumstances, a legitimately useful tool. Returning to the window, I shoot a dart at the computer's touch screen—specifically at a large square marked &

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