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Prey speedrunner nets world record in less than 45 minutes


Having spent the best part of the weekend Gloo Cannon-deep in Prey instead of enjoying real-world sunshine (which, for the record, is a shockingly rare occurrence in Glasgow), I've recorded over 15 hours of game time in Arkane's latest sci-fi shooter already. To this end, given that I've hardly touched its multitude of branching side ventures, I've been impressed with how much the main story quest has to offer. Yet seasoned speedrunner DraQu has managed to finish the entire game from start to finish in just over 44 minutes.

Talk about impressive. Making use of a handful map exploits, not to mention the recycling glitch we reported on last week, DraQu glides through the map in a run which is inevitably filled with spoilers—even if the majority of them whizz past very quickly.

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