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Prey was originally going to let players fly through Talos 1


We recently spoke with Prey lead system designer Seth Shain about the Gloo Cannon, the "amorphous semi-solid fluid-firing" weapon that enables players to freeze enemies and, more importantly, build platforms that enable access to locations on the Talos 1 space station that would otherwise be out of reach. Its presence in the game made life interesting for the artists, Shain said: They "hate it because they want every square inch of the station to be beautiful, and if the player can get somewhere high up, then they feel they need to make it look good. " That's an understandable frustration. But it could've been worse.

"There was another power that we cut because we just couldn't make it work or make it fun, it didn't hit our quality bar. It was a power that would directly allow you to fly around the space [station]," he explained. "That one just amplified that problem. [The artists] were really happy when they cut that, you're

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