Psychonauts 2 will get all the money its investors pledged

Charlie Hall

How an extended SEC review has challenged Fig to adapt Psychonauts 2 is the first crowdfunded game project to offer equity investment to everyone, not just the rich. Its campaign, run through the Fig crowdfunding platform, concluded in January of this year with nearly $3. 83 million raised. But neither Fig nor developer Double Fine Productions has been able to collect a portion of those investment dollars — specifically, money from non-accredited investors — because of an ongoing review by the U. S.

Securities and Exchange Commission. That process ended last week, and today non-accredited investors are being asked to pay for the shares they reserved. But even if Fig and Double Fine can reach those many hundreds, perhaps thousands of investors who reserved the right to purchase shares in the project, those individuals are under no obligation to actually pay up. That’s why Fig has promised to provide that money itself, if need be. "We have agreed to fund an amount to Psychonauts 2 regardless of collections," Fig founder and CEO Justin Bailey told Polygon during a telephone interview yesterday.

It’s the same promise Fig has made to other teams, including the one behind Consortium: The Tower, which raised nearly $350,000 via Fig in May. Must Read Watch a very early prototype of Psychonauts 2 The bottom line is that Double Fine will receive every single one of the dollars due to it after its successful $3. 83 million Fig campaign. Additionally, anyone who would like to purchase available, outstanding, non-accredited shares of the project can do so starting today. That’s because, says Double Fine founder Tim Schafer, when the Psychonauts 2 campaign ended, a portion of the game’s potential revenue was reserved for X-number of non-accredited investors.

If they don’t show up with the money, those shares are still up for sale at the original rate. "For now, there is a chunk of shares reserved…

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