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Put rogues behind bars and sail smaller ships in latest Sea of Thieves update


Rare's co-op pirate sim Sea of Thieves is slowly sailing towards release early next year, and the latest developer update video (above) shows some of the progress being made in the alpha version. The biggest change is the addition of smaller vessels: up to now you needed a full boat of buccaneers to get much done, but the new ships are designed for one or two sailors at a time. The mechanics for the smaller ships have been simplified to make it easier to sail. The wheel turns quicker and the sail won't obscure your forward view as it will in other ships, for example.

Official Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha Update - Smooth Sailing

Despite less powerful weaponry they can still mix it in battle, with a tight turning circle that means they can outmaneuver the big boys. Speaking of battles, if you're overwhelmed and about to perish then your crew can now vote to intentionally sink your own ship. Later on, you can summon a mermaid that will raise the vessel in a safer location. It's a last-ditch option, but it could save a lot of hass

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