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Rage 2 update adds New Game Plus mode and Wolfenstein voice pack


Rage 2's second update might inspire you to kick off another playthrough, throwing a New Game Plus mode into the mix, along with an Ironman mode, a new ultra nightmare difficulty and a lot more. It's out today.  Once you've finished the Project Dagger storyline and completed the Arks, you can fire up NG+ and start again, but with all your weapons, abilities, upgrades and vehicles. You'll also net yourself some new weapon skins. Each time you play through the game, it will get trickier. body . hawk-widget{--trd-blue:#2f6e91;width:100%;letter-spacing:normal;}. _hawk.

subtitle~. hawk-widget[data-widget-type=price]{margin:16px 0;}@media (min-width:600px){. _hawk. subtitle~. hawk-widget[data-widget-type=price]{margin:0;min-height:128px;float:right;clear:none;width:50%;}. fancy_box_body . _hawk. subtitle~.

hawk-widget[data-widget-type=price]{float:none;width:100%;}}. icon~. hawk-widget{clear:both;}@media (min-width:400px){body . buyingguide . product . hawk-widget. bg-price{float:right;width:40%;}}If it still ends up being a bit too easy, you can try your luck at Ironman mode, where you've just got one life and losing it means game over. Then there's the new "crazy hard" difficulty level.

On top of that you've got cheat codes, a voice pack with Wolfenstein's BJ Blazkowicz, new weapons skins and the ability to disable tutorials and skip some intro dialogue. The full list of improvements and bug fixes is below: Quality of life improvements

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