Report indicates that Mega Man 11 will get a demo in September

Chris Carter

A heap of folks got to try Mega Man 11 at E3, but now the world at large will be able to download it if this report is correct. True Achievements is stating that a demo for Mega Man 11 will go live on September 4 on Xbox One. It'll involve the double gear mechanic and Block Man's stage, which basically puts it inline with the build shown at E3. Given how well that was received and that the version on display was basically the final build, I'm looking forward to it.

Note that since the website is Xbox-centric they've just confirmed it for that platform, but it will likely hit other systems as well.  Mega Man 11 will arrive on October 2 worldwide, and there's quite a bit riding on it. Mega Man 11 Demo Coming to the Xbox One Next Month [True Achievements]

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