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Resident Evil 2 director trusts remake team, says 'do as you like'

Joe Donnelly

As if mid-January Mondays weren't difficult enough, I'm about to make you feel old. Resident Evil 2 celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday, debuting on PlayStation consoles in the US on January 21, 1998. And while Leon and Claire and the trench coat-donning Mr X wouldn't arrive on PC for another year after that, I hardly feel comforted by the fact it's been 19 years since we first fumbled around the RCPD headquarters on Windows 95-powered desktops. What is more reassuring, though, is original sequel director Hideki Kamiya's faith in the upcoming and much-anticipated remake. When asked via Twitter if he felt the team in charge of the RE2 remake would do the first game justice, Kamiya spoke positively about a conversation he had with the new game's director last year.

"I went drinking with him last year and told him 'Do as you like'," says Kamiya. "That's the way directors should do. I trust him and his team. &quo

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