Roundup: All the Horizon Zero Dawn deals from digital to physical


As a triple-A PS4 exclusive, you'd think Horizon Zero Dawn would have zero deals given how razor focused the title is, but thankfully, we've found some minor bargains and bonuses before release next Tuesday. Retail competition for your pre-order bucks has resulted in some interesting offers, from digital code discounts to gift card bonuses to paid membership offers. So your choices are plenty if you want to avoid paying full price, or simply get something out of buying early for day-one enjoyment. Digital retailer GMG has been selling digital codes for PS4 titles, and Horizon Zero Dawn at a modest 7% discount. That's not a ton off, but keys are legit and straight from Sony. You'll receive the PSN game code to your email right away plus you'll also avoid sales tax in the US.

Not too bad. On the gift card bonus front is Dell. The mostly-computing retailer is tossing in a bonus $25 eGift Card when you scoop up a copy of Horizon Zero Dawn. The gift card arrives via email 10-20 days after your order ships and is good towards anything on Dell (e. g. , more PS4 games).

Horizon Zero Dawn Deals Digital Horizon: Zero Dawn - $56. 99 at GMG (PS4 Download) Horizon Zero Dawn Digital Deluxe Edition - $66. 49 at GMG (PS4 Download) Physical Horizon Zero Dawn + $25 eGift Card - $59. 99 at Dell (PS4) Horizon: Zero Dawn - $47. 99 at Best Buy (requires GCU) Horizon: Zero Dawn - $47. 99 at Amazon (requires Prime) Horizon Zero Dawn Collector's Edition - $95.

99 at Best Buy (requires GCU)

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