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Ruiner review


Ruiner is gorgeous, a sensory feast inspired by the works of cyberpunk's 1980s heyday, in which a silent, masked protagonist travels through the nightscapes and industrial jungles of a grit-tech 2091. Underneath, a thumping top-down action game delivers sword-sharp combat, the familiarity of its design offset by the constant urge to simply stand still and drink everything in. I’m still reeling from the brutal strength of Ruiner’s aesthetic.

It's shoved into my face the moment I click New Game: huge, bold letters slammed across my monitor in bright red, Chinese characters and warning stripes scattered upon cable-choked walkways, strobing bursts of light whenever my objective updates, and enough chromatic aberration to make Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon look like a pleasant still life. I never got the migraine I dreaded, but I wouldn't have Ruiner as a nightcap to relax with before bed. Ruiner's color palette reaches deep into the cyberpunk spectrum of neon-hu

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