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Sea of Solitude review


My dad is a big hairy chameleon and my mom is a snake-haired giant. They're parting the infinite sea around Kay, Sea of Solitude's player-protagonist, screaming at one another while I transform black, spiky children into blue, happy children via flashes from a phantasmagorical flare gun. It's the only way I can clear the corruption, a wormy black substance infecting the scene and characters. It's the only way my monster parents will settle their differences and get a divorce or make it work. Kay is a lot like those kids. She's caught in the domestic crossfire, oscillating between the darkness of anger and despair and the bright blue natural curiosity of childhood. The whole scene is meant to be a troubling reflection of her experiences watching her parents fight as a kid. I don't catch much of what the monster parents say though, as I'm too busy fiddling with the Dichotomy Kids. The action doesn't quite transmit an emotional payoff. I just use blue kids to clear the corruption while evil kids knock me around.

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_hawk. subtitle~. hawk-widget[data-widget-type=price]{float:none;width:100%;}}. icon~. hawk-widget{clear:both;}@media (min-width:400px){body . buyingguide . product . hawk-widget. bg-price{float:right;width:40%;}}If I'm meant to feel urgency and tension, I don't. I feel like I'm operating the cold machinery of the game, spinning gears and pulling levers to move the puppets along.

And that's Sea of Solitude's biggest issue: it has mature, nuanced stories about mental health and relationships to tell, but tells them via clumsy dialogue in the body of a dull, indistinct third-person exploration game.  

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