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Sea of Thieves adds exploding skeletons for a limited time

Samuel Horti

Sea of Thieves' latest time-limited mode adds skeletons that will rush towards you, light the fuse on the gunpowder keg they're hauling around, and blow you to smithereens if you give them half a chance. Rare wants you to kill the "Gunpowder Skeletons" in interesting ways, as senior producer Drew Stevens explains in the video above. Perhaps you could try to herd the skeletons together for some cluster kills, or set off a chain reaction of keg explosions, which sounds fun. You'll have a new way to kill them, too: you can now light gunpowder kegs yourself by left-clicking, which will start a five second countdown.

Official Sea of Thieves Developer Update: June 28th 2018

Players have been blowing up the kegs to damage enemy boats, so they'll now also physically effect vessels, rocking and pushing them when they explode. The aim of the event is to earn commendations as you encounter the skeletons around the world (they'll be "everywhere", apparently), which will net you Doubloons. In total, you can earn 150

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