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Sea of Thieves beta datamining reveals ship customization, harpoons, and a player-eating Kraken

Christopher Livingston

After playing the closed beta of Rare's Sea of Thieves, Tyler and I put together a wishlist of what we hoped we might see in the open world multiplayer pirate game. Rather than just hoping and guessing, a redditor named m4rx did some actual digging around in the game files and extracted a bit of information. While m4rx hasn't been able to decrypt the actual assets yet, the resulting post appears to confirm some elements we saw in the Sea of Thieves 'Pirate Legend' video and reveals a few new ones.

Let's begin with the Kraken because it sounds the coolest. In the extracted game files, under the heading 'Prototype', there is a list of animations (also prototype) for the Kraken including holding the player (presumably in its tentacles), ingesting the player, 'spitplayer' (presumably spitting them out, not necessarily spitting on them), and something called 'waterdunk' which is presumably just what it sounds like. There are also several ani

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