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Sea of Thieves could do battle royale, but Rare would want 'a unique spin' if so

Joe Donnelly

Think of a game that hasn't been linked to the battle royale genre in the last year. Difficult, isn't it? Sea of Thieves has no plans to venture into last-person-standing territory as yet—but Rare would do so on its own terms, should it ever be considered. That's according to design director Mike Chapman, who told Game Informer (via PCGamesN) he and his team would want to "put a unique Sea of Thieves spin" on the ever-popular mode if they ever took it on.

He underlines Rare's desire to absorb player feedback, and that the game's ghost ship, for example, is a spin on an understood feature. A similar strategy would apply to battle royale. "I think last year we said every sail on the horizon will always be a real player ship," Chapman tells Games Informer. "Players started asking for skeleton ships, and we said, 'Let’s give it to them'… People also said it would be cool if we expanded the world, so we’

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