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Sea of Thieves cross-play almost had console and PC-specific sails to spark rivalries


At Gamescom last month, Rare and Microsoft declared Sea of Thieves' cross-play as "no asterisk"—meaning PC players will face-off against their Xbox counterparts in the same world, at the same time, at launch. "There are some games where you play cross-play that might be for a certain mode or social only or not PvP and things like that," the game's PC design lead Ted Timmins tells us. "With our shared world, what we're saying is: if you've got a Windows 10 device or any Xbox device, you're welcome to play Sea of Thieves with friends or meet new friends.

" The game's executive producer Joe Neat underscores this point, suggesting that the more people added into each games' mix, the more varied the stories and experiences that come from them will be. Senior designer Shelley Preston adds: "The more personalities you've got, the more different motivations you've got—going on differe

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