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Sea of Thieves gameplay trailer shows treasure hunting, combat, and travel via cannon


The new gameplay trailer for Rare's first-person multiplayer pirate game Sea of Thieves shows players diving for sunken treasure, dodging sharks, and firing themselves out of cannons—which as it turns out is a pretty slick (if silly) way of getting around quickly. There's also a hunt for buried treasure following clues that lead across an island and through a cave, followed by a cooperative escape from the treasure's skeletal guardians. The video culminates in a battle at sea with another group of players during a thunderstorm, first with ship-to-ship cannon fire, and then close-quarter musket combat after the enemy ship is boarded.

Sea of Thieves - E3 2017 - 4K Gameplay Walkthrough

Sea of Thieves was announced by Rare in 2015, and we were hoping for a specific release date, but all the trailer tells us is we can expect it in 'Early 2018'. Tom got his hands on it about a year ago, finding it fun but in need of some depth.

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