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Sea of Thieves' multiplayer ship battles are a blast, but the Xbox app needs to walk the plank

Christopher Livingston

First, we conquered the Xbox app—angrily, painfully—and then we conquered the seas (kind of) in the closed beta for Sea of Thieves, a cooperative pirate sandbox where up to four players can hunt for treasure and battle other players on sea and land. Chris, James, Wes, and Tyler formed our crew, spending a couple hours earlier today drinking grog, beaching their ship, and failing entirely to capture another squad's sloop. They sunk a few times. But despite that and technical issues, and many questions still to answer—the beta is not a complete version of the game, with "most content" being held for launch—it was a pretty grand adventure.

Sea of Thieves is out on March 20, and we won't know how much developer Rare is holding back until then, but the pre-order bonus beta was plenty big enough to give us a few good tales of pirating blunders. It's running through the 29th, so we may have even more stories to tell. For now, here are our f

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