Sea of Thieves' New Update Finally Makes Things Feel Dangerous

Heather Alexandra

Sea of Thieves is full of jerk players and giant sharks, but the game has never felt all that dangerous. The latest update, Cursed Sails, mostly corrects that. The addition of terrifying skeleton threats, battles packed with cursed cannonballs, and a brand new player ship brings a welcome sense of urgency to a game that often feels extremely safe. Two problems have consistently plagued Sea of Thieves since launch: repetitive missions and a lifeless game world. Rare has slowly worked to address the first concern, adding longer quest chains and limited time events that emphasize team play and exploration.

But the seas are still often too safe, even with the threat of the kraken or the recently released megalodon. Cursed Sails tries to remedy this with a simple feature: ghost ships packed with skeleton crews. If you log into Sea of Thieves right now, you’ll likely stumble upon a snarling skeleton banner hanging in the middle of any outpost. These banners tell players where they should sail to find dangerous ships full of skeletons. Of course, you might just happen to run into these zones while exploring as well.

If you do, you’ll be treated to a hectic ship-to-ship battle with a few welcome twists. Each region is ruled over by a different crew, and there are multiple ships to destroy before completing the challenge. I faced off against the crew of the Foul Grog, which meant facing down two ships that also had special ammo stores. They could fire magical cannonballs that instantly turned my whole crew drunk. This made it much harder to coordinate, steer, and especially to repair damage.

Having to fight a highly stocked galleon while essentially nine Jäger shots deep was a mixture of hilarious and frustrating. I stumbled about my ship, barfing into a bucket and woefully trying to aim my cannon’s next shot through a hazy stupor.

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