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Sea of Thieves shoots real guy out of cannon, breaks world record for doing that

Christopher Livingston

Sea of Thieves is coming out on March 20, and as a reminder that you can shoot your fellow players out of cannons in Rare's open-world pirate game, Microsoft shot a real guy out of a cannon today. At an Xbox event held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida (home of NFL team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), human cannonball David "The Bullet" Smith was shot out of a 34-foot cannon ('Sea of Thieves' was written on the side) and flew a reported 200 feet through the air. Cleverly, he chose to land on an enormous air mattress and was unharmed. You can see for yourself in the video above.

Guinness World Records has confirmed that this is a new world record for the farthest distance for a human cannonball. According to Guinness, the holder of the previous world record was David himself, who flew 193 feet, 8. 8 inches in 2011. However, a glance at Wikipedia's page on human cannonballs tells us David's father, David "Cannonball" Smith, claims to have flown a

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