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Sea of Thieves team talk improved skeleton AI in latest developer diary

Samuel Horti

If you're looking forward to Rare's pirate shenanigan sim Sea of Thieves then it's worth keeping one eye on the game's YouTube channel, which posts regular developer diaries, gameplay videos and explainers of the games features. The latest talks about the way that the AI of skeletons will work—they'll be one of the main enemy types you'll face in the game. The team wants to make sure they're not just bony grunts with guns. A lot of their AI will revolve around hearing the player, and the game models sound in a fairly realistic way to make that feasible.

Official Sea of Thieves Behind the Scenes: Skeleton AI

If you're nearby a skeleton and digging into sand, they're unlikely to spot you. But if you shove the spade in at the wrong angle and catch a rock it will make a loud clang, and the skeleton will shamble after you. Similarly, if you snipe them, they'll know from the noise roughly the direction you're in, but won't be able to lock on immediately. I reckon using audio as

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