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See what it's like to patrol Destiny 2's European Dead Zone


When you're not ploughing through Destiny 2's Bane-in-Space storyline, or grinding out cooperative Strike missions with friends, you'll spend much of your time goofing about on four large planetary destinations that are peppered with side-missions, timed events, and hidden loot caches. In Destiny parlance, this is called "patrolling", and I recently had a chance to do a bunch of it at an event held by Bungie in Seattle. With the PC version still simmering in the oven, I played on a near complete PS4 build, which gave me a chance to gauge the amount of content we can expect from the game's open world activities when it comes to PC on October 24th (at a more agreeable framerate).

Destiny 2 - European Dead Zone patrol missions [PS4 footage]

Given that plenty of you probably haven't played the first game, I figured it might be best to present my impressions in the form of one of those faux Q&A things. Shall we begin?

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