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Shadow of the Tomb Raider has a cool setting, but makes a poor first impression

Tom Senior

Raging waters are flooding the village and everything that isn’t wet is on fire. I’m sure famous treasure hunter Lara Croft has escaped from places more on-fire than this, so I leap confidently from one lump of flotsam to another. A big chunk of wall floats past in front of me. As it sails past I think ‘oh was I meant to jump on that? ’ but it’s too late. I try the leap anyway and fall into the water, where I am somehow impaled by spikes. The game loads back on the first piece of flotsam.

This time I leap at the wall, clamber up onto the raised edge and use it as a narrow path to the next platform. Then I leap onto a mottled patch of wall, textured in a way that lets me know I can use my axe to gain purchase. I start to shimmy right, fall off and get impaled on the same spikes that killed me earlier. Oh, the game wanted me to go left. Third time lucky? I ace the jumpy bit, and the climby bit, but reach a point where the ledge ends next to a big dark window.

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