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Shadow of the Tomb Raider review

Andy Kelly

It’s in the moments of quiet spectacle where Shadow of the Tomb Raider is most compelling. Emerging from a dark, claustrophobic cavern into a grand Mayan temple glittering with gold and jade. The immense stone face of some forgotten deity looming ominously over you. A village resting in the shadow of a vast, dormant volcano. Ancient mechanisms whirring to life as you awaken a slumbering tomb. It’s a world that aches to be explored.

Normally when Lara Croft finds an artifact it’s your reward for surviving a treacherous journey through a trap-ridden tomb. But the ornate dagger she plucks from a stone pedestal early in this game is a different story. It triggers a series of devastating cataclysms, including a flash flood that destroys an entire city, and she travels to the jungles of Peru to try and stop the apocalyptic prophecy she unwittingly helped fulfil. And it’s here where she finds those incredible tombs, temples, and towering tributes to the gods. The sense o

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