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Shadow of War DLC character will raise funds for family of producer who died of cancer


Forthog Orcslayer is not a character that fans of Tolkien's Middle-earth lore are likely to be familiar with. That's because he's actually a new addition to the universe, created by Monolith for the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War to pay tribute to executive producer Mike Forgey, who died of cancer in 2016. "Mike 'Forthog' Forgey was our Executive Producer and great friend here at Monolith. He was always ready to leap into the fray and save the game whenever and wherever he was most needed," Monolith said.

"We lost Mike to cancer during the development of Shadow of War, and we want to remember and honor him with a little bit of immortality in Mordor. The legendary Forthog Orcslayer is our way to continue having Mike leap into battle and save us when we’re down. "

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