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Shadow of War's loot boxes 'will not distract from the rest of our game,' says design director


As we learned last month, when Monolith and Warner Bros' Middle-earth: Shadow of War arrives in October it'll do so packing microtransactions. By way of loot chests and XP boosts, players who don't fancy unlocking skills and perks organically can do so by handing over real life cash. This has, somewhat expectedly, upset facets of the game's would be players, however design director Bob Roberts maintains the inclusion of microtransactions "will not distract from the rest of [the game]". In conversation with Eurogamer, Roberts reckons that balancing will not be affected by pay-to-win scenarios, and that he and his team have tuned their game so that it works with our without them.

Official Shadow of War Feral Tribe Trailer

"We're working our tails off to make this massive game and as a designer—the design director—I focus on balancing it," says Roberts. "We do a ton of playtesting and make sure it is tuned to a setting where people can enjoy it. We kept all of the loo

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