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Should Age of Empires IV reinvent the series?


Age of Empires IV has been announced at Gamescom 2017 and veteran RTS developer Relic Entertainment is making it. It's a pleasant surprise because we love Age of Empires, of course, but also because the series is an interesting fit for a studio famous for Company of Heroes, Dawn of War and Homeworld—all challenging strategy games featuring contemporary or far-future warfare. Do we want classic Age of Empires, spruced up in a modern engine, or is this an opportunity to try something new with AoE's core ideas. Samuel Roberts: I'm so glad Microsoft has revived the series.

They've been talking up their plans for PC gaming for a long time, but this, to me, is the strongest evidence yet that they mean it—a PC-only strategy game, with no Xbox ties. I'll probably have to download Age of Empires IV from the dreaded Windows Store, but I'll do it for this series. Employing an RTS expert like Relic to bring the series back from the dead (new AoE2 HD exp

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