Six Ways Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Changes Things Up For The Series

Elise Favis

Although Nathan Drake's story was wrapped up in Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog revealed at last year's PSX that it wasn't entirely done with the series' universe. Chloe Frazer, a fan-favorite treasure hunter that we last saw in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, now takes center stage with mercenary Nadine Ross by her side. Taking place six months to a year after the previous Uncharted, Chloe and Nadine team up in search of an ancient treasure in India. Much is different this time around, with a grittier and more grounded narrative, but many elements you've come to love in Uncharted will still be present.

  Here are several ways Uncharted: The Lost Legacy changes things up with a new setting, more grounded storyline, bigger environments, and more. A New Duo of ThievesThe series moves away from Nathan Drake for the first time, and the team saw room to explore this universe further with a pair of familiar faces: Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross. Chloe is the playable protagonist, and the two must overcome their differences in order to achieve their goal. Chloe leads the way, and has moved up in the treasure hunting business, coming into her own and returning to India in search of a treasure called the Tusk of Ganesh.

She enlists mercenary Nadine, who we met in Uncharted 4, because of her particular skill set. The conflict between the two, and how that relationship unfolds, is a big part of what The Lost Legacy is about. A Personal SettingChloe is half Australian and half Indian, and we learn about her Indian roots in this stand-alone entry. "The setting of the game has a personal connection with [Chloe]'s background, and it adds like a certain depth to everything you’re doing in that environment.

It has more meaning for her," Uncharted writer Josh Scherr says. In a short demo we saw during our trip to Naughty Dog, Chloe and Nadine approach a large waterfall sided with two grandiose elephant statues. It's clear that these monuments hold meaning to Chloe as Nadine makes a quip about how Chloe should take a photo for her father. The treasure the two search for is also significant to Chloe, and their journey ties into mystical stories relating to Hindu gods that were told to her as bedtime stories when she was young.

Bigger EnvironmentsUncharted 4's Madagascar was one of the larger locales in Uncharted 4, giving players more freedom. The Lost Legacy further expands these open…

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