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Skateboarding game Session successfully crowdfunded, backer votes to shape stretch goals

Joe Donnelly

When I reported on Skate-like skateboarding game Session a few weeks back, it had a free demo and was on the cusp of launching a Kickstarter campaign. With 22 days left on the clock, it's accrued more than £13,000 over its goal and has now turned its head towards stretch goals. "It's time to change your destiny," reads an update on the game's crowdfunding page (accessible to backers only). "We talked about giving you a chance to choose your stretch goals. Since we are nearly halfway to our first stretch goal, here is how we'll do it.

Elliot just sent us a message for you guys

Every time we reach a stretch goal, you will have the chance to vote for your next target. "At present, backers can vote for board and character customisation, mini ramp skateboarding and Vert/MegaRamp with Elliot Sloan, or an additional city. At the time of writing, board and character customisation is well in front with 36. 2 percent of the vote. In last place is Vert and MegaRamp—despite influence from

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