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Skull & Bones sends you to sea on pirate ships with ultimate abilities

Christopher Livingston

Most of my recent pirate adventures are the result of teaming up with Tyler and James in Sea of Thieves, and having a leisurely but enjoyable freeform sail across its open world waters. It can take long minutes, even a half-hour sometimes, to spot another ship, and often quite some time to reach them and engage in combat. Ubisoft's Skull & Bones, due out in 2019, appears to be a pirate game of another feather.

I played a fifteen-minute work-in-progress demo at E3, and that fifteen minutes was comprised almost entirely of non-stop naval combat. My fights were all with NPC ships, because although there were other human players sailing around during the demo, I simply never had the chance to find them and engage them. I was too busy hunting down and sinking the numerous AI ships, and using more than just cannons to do it.

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