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Some Fallout 76 players are just kinda hanging out with Mothman

Christopher Livingston

Video games have instilled in us a shoot first, ask questions later (or never) instinct, and Fallout 76 is no different. In a ruined world full of radioactive ghouls, scuttling mirelurks, rampaging deathclaws, and human players chewing noisily over open mics, the impulse to shoot everything you see is both warranted and completely understandable. But you should never judge a book by its cover or a Mothman by its eerie glowing eyes, leathery wings, and weird black cloud of fog.

Fallout 76 Mothman Sighting

Mothman may be a horrifying monster but some early reports are saying that, actually, it's a pretty chill dude. Note: there are potential spoilers about a particular type of Mothman below.

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