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Soulcalibur 6 finally brings the tale of swords and souls to PC

Andy Kelly

The Soulcalibur series has been around since the late ‘90s, but VI marks its first appearance on PC—and it’s long overdue. It’s a fairly traditional beat-’em-up in most respects, but with a focus on melee weapons and the ability to move in eight directions, rather than being stuck on a flat Street Fighter-style plane. So as well as blocking and parrying, you can side-step away from the beautifully-animated swings of your opponent’s sword, staff, axe, or claws. It’s also wonderfully melodramatic, like an absurd medieval soap opera where people settle their disputes by battering each other with deadly weapons.

SoulCalibur VI - PS4/XB1/PC - The stage of history (Announcement Trailer)

The series is also famous for the wild variety of its characters. There’s katana-wielding samurai Mitsurugi, ghostly pirate lord Cervantes, whip-cracking warrior Ivy, and weird contortionist gimp Voldo, just to name a few. And they all feel distinct thanks to the quality of the series’ animation and the particular strengths

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