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Star Trek: Bridge Crew makes yelling at your space friends extremely rewarding


My strongest memories of Star Trek are from my dad watch it nearly every day before dinner. I’m no series expert, but I do know this: it’s optimistic sci-fi about smart, diverse explorers slowly pressing out into the far reaches of space—and kissing, sometimes, probably. I think about this while sitting at the helm station. I’m in a room with three other people, all wearing Oculus Rift headsets (it's playable on the Vive too) and wielding Touch controllers, playing Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge crew, a cooperative game that focuses on Star Trek's most familiar settings: the ships.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew gameplay

I’m steering the Enterprise through a minefield of dangerous space anomalies while a man I don’t know sitting in a chair behind me tells me to inch forward. I can’t figure out how to actually get the thrusters going because the controls are literally represented by a grid of multicolored square buttons with no way to intuit what they do. Another

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