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Star Wars Battlefront 2 leak reveals new details about the upcoming beta


We already know the basics about the Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer beta that's coming in October: A Galactic Assault mode battle between Republic clones and Separatist battle droids—truly the heart and soul of Star Wars! —and a deep-space fighter duel in Starfighter Assault. And now, thanks to redditor Some_Info, who according to VG247 is pretty reliable when it comes to this sort of thing, we know a little more.

It's possible that some of this information could qualify as a spoiler, and since Some_Info was considerate enough to use a spoiler tag in his post, I will too—although since we don't actually have spoiler tags as far as I know, consider this a warning that you'd best stop reading. Okay, here we go. The post confirms the 40-player Galactic Assault map on Theed and the 24-player Starfighter Assault on (or over) Fondor, but also makes mention of a Strike mode battle on Takodana, and a Skirmish mode "that will be called Arc

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