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Star Wars Battlefront 2 review in progress

Tyler Wilde

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a weird multiplayer game. In its flagship Galactic Assault mode, 20 attackers fight 20 defenders in bizarro versions of Star Wars battles. Endor, Jakku, Kashyyyk, all the hits. Like in the Battlefield series, players can spawn in powerful land and air vehicles, but also as Yoda, if they earn enough points as a basic trooper. Or Kylo Ren.

Or a wookiee, a flametrooper, a battle droid, a rocket jumper. And rather than capturing bases spread across a wide landscape, we're sent sprinting at each other down streets and through corridors, contesting points with grenade spam and insta-kill lightsabers and special abilities that range from deployable turrets to shields and buffs. Imagine a 40-player Overwatch match where everyone is a different character, and some are always using their ultimates. The maps typically start somewhat spacious and then funnel players into smaller objectives. At the start, I enjoy plopping down in the back to snipe (I know, I'm that g

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