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Succeed where John Hammond failed in Jurassic World Evolution


Jurassic World Evolution, due for release in summer next year, is a theme park management sim with the added danger of dinosaurs roaming around. It’s being developed by Frontier, creator of Elite Dangerous, and will see you following in the footsteps of John Hammond as you try and build the world’s greatest dinosaur-themed amusement park. And, like the films, there’s the constant threat of something going wrong and your guests being eaten by rampaging dinosaurs. But that’s all part of the fun. “We make games about things people are passionate about,” says game director Michael Brookes.

First In-Game Footage - Jurassic World Evolution

“With Elite Dangerous it’s space and astronomy. With Planet Coaster it’s rollercoasters and theme parks. And for Jurassic World, well, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? ” With games like Zoo Tycoon, A Dog’s Life, and Kinectimals in its long-running back catalogue, Frontier is no stranger to making games based around creatures great a

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