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Survival RPG Little Devil Inside shows off new gameplay footage, 2018 release date expected

Samuel Horti

Little Devil Inside looked gorgeous in its debut trailer, and made the enticing promise of a survival game where you'll periodically retreat to a safe, cosy city full of people. That was in 2015, and developer Neostream Interactive has kept a low profile since. Until this week, that is, when it released a video showing off what it's been working on this year, as well as details about how the game will actually work. In an interview with Inven Global, the team said that the game's main story will last about 20 hours, and the side content will take up a whopping 80 hours, all told.

The main plot revolves around your quest to explore the world and study monsters for a university, which is based in a safe zone that you'll return to often in order to report your findings. You'll explore forest, sea, desert, and mountain landscapes, hunting for those monsters and solving side quests. The game world is roughly the same size as Borderlands', and the various zones that m

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