Suspicious images prove how much Destiny fans want the game on PC

Allegra Frank

Excitement for a PC version surges ahead of trailer drop A well-timed, so-called “leak” from a Spanish-language retailer has spread across fan forums, reigniting desires for Destiny 2 to hit PC. While these images don’t imbue much confidence — the PC box art is a photo of a computer screen, for one, and there’s an image-editing program in the background — players’ excited responses to them point to just how badly they want the game to come to PC. Imgur Not the most credible image, but it’s fueling long-held hopes regardless. Another photo included in the leak comes across as slightly more credible, showing a cartoony figurine based on Cayde-6.

Imgur We’ve seen that Cayde-6 figure out in the wild already, based on photos from a Twitter user who said it’s already in retail storerooms. Pre-order Destiny 2 and get this: pic. twitter. com/jHmrKRwYdo— Ryan ライアン (@AlphaFoxWarfare) March 27, 2017 The ad suggests that the figurine is a pre-order bonus, and that pre-ordering customers will also be entitled to check out the game’s beta.

That same beta logo is seen on a poster sent to European retailers last week, which incited the Destiny 2 reveal hype before Activision and Bungie’s official reveal. Since they went online — and were swiftly removed by their original poster, who apologized for the “accidental leak” — Destiny players have become increasingly pumped about the game possibly, finally coming to PC, even if they don’t completely buy this leak as being real. SHOCKING**not shocking pic. twitter.

com/u1hOKFmE8K— lashman (@RobotBrush)

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