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Take a dive into seedy, supernatural London in this ten-minute Vampyr video


I initially expected Vampyr, Dontnod's action-RPG about a blood-sucking doctor plying his trade in the Spanish flu-wracked London of 1918, to be a solitary sort of tale about a guy who has to keep his true nature hidden from the world at large. But the ten-minute gameplay trailer release today suggests a more pervasively-supernatural game, where vampires, undead "skal," monster hunters, and even run-of-the-mill humans coexist in full awareness of each other. The sanguine proclivities of Dr.

Vampyr PS4 Gameplay Tour | E3 2017

Jonathan Reid, the game's lead "Vampyr," are clearly known to the administrator of the hospital where he works, and also to the hunters, known as "the Guard of Priwen," who sometimes conduct business there. They're clearly not happy to share the space, but the hospital is apparently Highlander-like "sacred ground," where it is forbidden to fight, and so conflict is limited to threats and the ol' stink-eye. Skal, who appear later

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