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Talking to the voice of Rachel from Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Emily Browne

[Note: this article contains spoilers for Life is Strange and the first two episodes of Before the Storm. ]While Life is Strange mixed supernatural mystery with teen angst, Deck Nine's prequel Before the Storm has taken a more true-to-life approach, concentrating on protagonist Chloe’s relationships with those around her. In the first two episodes we've been introduced to a younger version of the character with considerably less blue hair dye (voiced by Rhianna DeVries) during a turbulent period of her life—her father was killed in a car accident, her best friend Max has left for Seattle, her mom is dating an unemployed ex-military douchebag, and she's dangerously close to being kicked out of Blackwell Academy.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Ep 3 Trailer

Chloe at age 16 is utterly alone—until Rachel Amber crashes into her life. In the original Life is Strange, Rachel was the enigma that drove the storyline, the missing girl whose absence stirred up the town of Arcadia Bay and brought its secret

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