Tekken 7 Adds A Pair Of Bears, Tournament Mode

Suriel Vazquez

After the end of Tekken 7's "King of Iron Fist" Tournament in Japan a few hours ago, we saw the return of two of Tekken's most adorable characters for Tekken 7: Kuma (Japanese for "bear") the Bear and Panda the… well, Panda. The two look to play somewhat different, using different special attacks and combos. If the trailer is any indication, Panda prefers stylish hats for their beatdowns, while Kuma prefers to beat people up using fish.

You watch the two fight it out in what could be 2016's most ridiculous trailer below. (Please visit the site to view this media) Along with the two characters, it was also announced that Tekken 7 will have a tournament mode. With it, up to eight players can set up single or double-elimination tournaments, talk and text each other during and between matches, and even hand out special prizes.

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