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Tekken 7 director on developing for PC and competing in a brave new esports world


Tekken 7 is the first Tekken instalment to hit PC since the series first launched in Japan in 1994. It's only taken 23 years, but it's no surprise that it's happening now: not only did Street Fighter 5 launch for PC last year but, increasingly, any game with a competitive-bent will usually find its natural home on PC. Last week I chatted with Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada, who was translated by fellow game designer Michael Murray.

I also had some time with the game's story mode and… let's just say it's as hilariously overblown and intense as a Tekken game should be, with a blaring soundtrack and even some unusual third-person shooting sections. I'll write more about that later but, in the meantime, my chat with Harada and Murray is below. Tekken 7 releases June 2.

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