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Tekken 7 update addresses some lingering issues


Given that Tekken 7 was the first instalment to hit PC, many expected it to launch in a less-than-perfect state. But it turned out the PC version was actually very good, helped along by the fact, no doubt, that it was developed on PC using Unreal Engine 4. There were a few lingering issues though, which a new patch will hopefully iron out. Released today, the new patch doesn't address anything game-breaking – because by all reports, there are no game-breaking bugs – but they'll come welcome to some.

Players can now view past the 97th rank on leaderboards, for example, while minimizing the game's window will no longer prevent it from being re-maximised. Elsewhere, hackers will now be matched with other hackers, thus sheltering those who wish to play the game properly. Here are the full patch notes:

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