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Thank goodness: Far Cry 5 is goofy as hell


I don’t like the common idea that perfect stealth runs are how we earn a mark of skill. In Far Cry 5, where you’ll be taking back settlements by murdering every bad guy in them, stealth still works perfectly fine. But as I found out, it might be the most unexciting way to play Far Cry this time around. Rural life makes for quite the goofy combat sandbox, a montage of crop duster bombing runs and semi-truck off road shortcuts broken up by quieter activities—in my case, a fairly authentic fly-fishing mini-game. Caught a pretty golden trout from a quiet pond. Fly poles are a fucking inventory item, like, they co-exist with machine guns in your quick select. I’m calling my dad.

Far Cry 5: E3 2017 Official Gameplay | Ubisoft [US]

Anyway. My dog is perfect. He’s a good boy with a shiny black coat speckled in white and grey. Like my dad says, they’re the perfect companions: ‘Won’t steal your heart or your pocketbook. ’ It’s true. Only thing he steals on command is the skin of a Du

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