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The 5 biggest unanswered questions about Destiny 2


Before we get into this, let me be candid and say that there isn’t a game coming to PC this year that I’m more excited about than Destiny 2. I can’t wait to pop the rest of the team’s raid cherries and I’m already planning a PC Gamer clan so we can do space magic together. All our writers who’ve played Destiny 2 have come away impressed with the technical quality of the PC version and how that sweet Bungie gunplay has been transplanted to mouse and keyboard. It even scooped the critics’ award for PC game of the show at E3.

Destiny 2 PC campaign, mouse & keyboard, 60 fps 4K

But there’s always a but. Having sunk an indecent amount of time into the original and its expansions, I also know well enough that Bungie is prone to making some, well, let’s say esoteric design decisions. And a few of the things I’ve heard about the sequel, based on my own interviews and elsewhere, have left me with lingering questions that likely won’t be answered by the August PC beta,

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